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" of the more unhinged things to hit my inbox this week."

- MetalSucks

"They command meter and sound changes like a mad scientist, with unpredictable results."

- Metal Temple

"Shorestank is unpredictable, ever-shifting, and a welcome comeback for Valensorow"

- Heavy Music HQ

Latest Release


April 2023

'Shorestank' tells the tale of two insignificant travelers searching for peace on a far-off island. However, what they find there is quite the opposite as their journey involves encounters with an array of colorful characters and monstrous foes. 

This album represents the most challenging, unique, and collaborative music we've written to date. We focused a lot more on immersion for this one so the stories really steered the music as it was being written. 

Into the Valley of MistValensorow
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From the windy peaks of NorCal's Santa Cruz Mountains hails Valensorow. A dense concoction of whimsical orchestral composition and progressive metal, Valensorow creates an immersive folk metal experience like no other. Pairing numerous color instruments including erhu, pipa, and glockenspiel with the weight of extended range guitars and bass the band creates a colorful musical landscape full of monsters and lore. The music explores many metal subgenres to satisfy listeners of

Folk Metal, Progressive Metal, Black Metal, and Melodic Death Metal. They are sure to moisten the palates of fans of DEVIN TOWNSEND, WINTERSUN, DREAM THEATER, and DANNY ELFMAN.

Valensorow was formed in 2013 by composer Conner Bruce after he and the other three members were tired of playing in their respective metalcore bands and wanted to do something different. The offer was made by Bruce to play epic music whilst wearing kilts, tattered fur, blood, and warpaint. The band agreed and thus the journey was begun.

Since then Valensorow has released 3 full-length albums, traveled the western US, and opened for acts such as ALESTORM, TROLLFEST, ARKONA, ENSIFERUM, TYR, and RINGS OF SATURN.

Described as one of the "most entertaining musical acts in the Bay Area", Valensorow is the death metal band you'd expect to see perform in the tavern of a small medieval village and then get kicked out for enchanting the barman to pour free beer for everyone but then get asked to come back and play again on tater-tot Tuesday because the regulars love folk metal.

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